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We design our conflicts to let the most intelligent opinion wins to create better products.
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We are a second-generation team in the real estate business. We closely observed how the markets and products go through cycles over the years. This helped us retain our sense of balance in every act and keep the long-term horizon in mind to create sustainable relations and products.

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Niraj Viradiya posing for a click

Niraj Viradiya

Business Development

Niraj is an upcoming media magnet with a growing community of life affirmative audience. He enjoys fitness by cycling and rowing. A natural-born comedian for friends and family he knows how to lighten up the darkness in our spaces and lives.

Jatin Viradiya, sitting in his office with a book in his hand

Jatin Viradiya

Designs and Operations

Jatin is a hard taskmaster for our internal team and external associates. He enjoys pushing workmen and consultants to their boundaries and gets the job done with the utmost quality within time. Tracking and hiking is his hobby along with fitness activities. 

Jagat Viradiya from The Building Company

Jagat Viradiya

Brand Development

Jagat is an introvert who has acquired the skills to be an extrovert when need be. The back office person with eyes on the numbers and quality of the brand image. He enjoys reading, thinking, and coaching to upgrade individual wellbeing and share the tools and models with a large audience on various media platforms.