• Niiraj Viradiya


    Business Development


    Being a founder member of the TBC team, he envisioned the market potential and the segments needing due attention. As a Business Developer, he is constantly searching for opportunities to create real estate spaces which are innovative. Inclusion of original art in to real estate spaces is part of his vision. He has rich experience of industrial construction as well as commercial and residential project management. Born and brought up in Surat, he is well connected and enjoys a large group of friends.

    Core believer of "Dream it. Wish it. Do it."

  • Jatin Viradiya


    Operations Management


    Task master. Expert in getting things done from all available resources of project. Demanding at all levels including work quality and supply chain scheduling. Deeply involved with technical side from the concept level. Very interested in the futuristic ideas as well as green building concept. Very aggressive at work front and about meeting deadlines.

    Enjoys music and fast driving!

  • Amit Patel




    Meticulous in the book keeping and administration side. A rich experience of industrial project. High concerns for safety and welfare of manpower at work. Time keeper and alarm bell man (Whistle Blower) for the team. An avid planner of team celebrations with a keen eye for even a smalllest opportunity available! Enjoys various well segregated groups of friends based on the like mindedness.

    A personification of Zorba the Buddha (um.. more like a Zorba)!

  • Jagat Kanji Viradiya


    Brand Development


    Involved with development of the brand graphics, the presentation of brand to masses and with the creation of brand image. Having past experience of industrial endeavour. Basically introvert at nature while knowing whom to delegate the task.

    A yogi, an athlete and a meditator, prefers last bench and loves to read his books.


Monaarch comes from the stable of The Building Company, an entity infused with young and enthusiastic people who want to build spaces out of the box. A Company that is built on tenets of leadership and confidence, imagination and invention, it seeks to become synonymous with the very spirit of “building”. Building landmarks, building lives, building reputation or building trust, it wishes to encompass all of these timeless qualities.

Out-of-the-box thinking and the attitude to change the rules of the game form the foundation of The Building Company while staying grounded in values and retaining the cultural context. It has a vision to create artistic and innovative spaces that evoke awe and simultaneously create value – for people, stakeholders and competitors.



After completing our commercial project Monarch ar Gaurav Path - Pal, which is a landmark on its own, changing many things in the real estate arena, being the first IGBC certified green building in Gujarat, we decided to venture into residential segment.

With Monarch Residency, we are trying to create homes which will be sufficiently sized for modern families with quality consciousness as well as budget in mind.

PR/GJ/SURAT CITY/Others/RAA02579/A1R/100119



  • Biggest COP in a two buildings project segment.
  • In common plot, a multipurpose hall with utility area and stage for members to celebrate every festivals.
  • Goods elevator for the first time in a residential building.
  • Best in class water proofing in wet area, basement and terrace.
  • World class electrical network design and implementation.
  • No penthouse, fully usable terrace for members.
  • 40 feet long and common passage around elevators, providing better light, air and openness.
  • Large sized wash area and kitchen.
  • Well connected and easily reachable from Pal Gaurav Path and Canal Road.
  • In a safe and well populated residential pocket with necessary amenities like school, hospitals, banks, shopping centres, gardens, entertainment and commute options. (Ola/Uber)
  • Every home equipped with fibre optic terminal; for future ready high speed data network of tv, telephone, internet, education and gaming.


  • Children’s Play Area
  • COP Area Garden
  • Multipurpose Hall with Utility Area
  • CCTV & Intercom System
  • Jogging Track
  • Goods Elevator

Monarch Brochure

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Built for one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Monaarch is bold, innovative and unique. The 21st century structure makes a strong and progressive statement with its vibrant and lively workplaces. Meticulously designed with large open spaces, efficient floor plans, glass façade enabling visibility of every unit from the front, Monaarch redefines the concept of conventional workplace buildings.


Located on Gaurav Path, in the heart of the thriving business hub of Pal and Adajan area in Surat, Monaarch is poised to exhibit great growth potential for investment in the area. It has the advantage of being at the five-road junction which pitches this building as the ideal business hub located in an upscale locale. Its enviable location coupled with an exemplary design makes it the perfect and prestigious addition to the enterprising town’s skyline.


Be it design or functionality, Monaarch is keen on establishing higher benchmarks in commercial developments. It is designed with consideration to the minute details that make up great business visions:

  • Well ventilated and bright spaces
  • Amenities for medical practitioner
  • Bed/stretcher Elevator in central foyer
  • Water Inlet/drainage outlet in every unit
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Building Security & Management Systems


Yes, we agree, Vastu is important to you and so to us.
We gladly incorporate guidance from our respected Vastu consultant to charge up the auspiciousness of Monaarch.
So that your business flourishes multi fold!


Designed around the innovative idea of an open and transparent business system, Monaarch merges both modern architecture and technology. Its uniqueness redefine the perspective of the work environment by going beyond the realms of physical boundaries. That is why it is a befitting destination for those who see beyond and dare to live like kings.

Monarch Brochure

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